Hi, I’m Maureen.  Welcome to Fairmount Terrace.

Fairmount Terrace is the home I share with my husband and our four children.  Expect to find a lot of furniture painting tutorials along with a splash of garden, food and design throughout this blog.  And some family stuff, when I’m brave enough to share the chaos that goes on in this house.

I’m always learning.  That’s the fun of it.  I received my degree in Elementary/Special Education, taught for a while in the Bronx, moved on to real estate in Manhattan and somehow landed in Connecticut with four kids…the best part of this ride so far.

Painted Furniture

I started painting furniture almost 6 years ago.   My first project was my grandmother’s dining room set.  I inherited her china cabinet, sideboard and server.  They are pieces I love, especially because they were hers. However, they were big and dark and did not fit with the look I was going for in our house.  A friend introduced me to chalk paint and I spent an entire week painting.  During that week I discovered I really enjoy painting furniture and all of the things that go with it – finding quality pieces, making minor repairs, choosing paint colors, choosing hardware, cleaning, stripping,  sanding, staining, top coating….all of it.  Soon I was painting other pieces in my home.  Then friends and family came calling.  About two years ago I officially started a small business redesigning vintage furniture.

Food & Garden

I am also a Master Gardener.  Every fall I enjoy moving the plants around my property and every spring I am surprised when they bloom in new places.  We grow herbs and vegetables in the spring, summer and fall.  Sometimes it feels like a farm around here.  We even keep chickens.

My husband and I took a class at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York while we were dating.  Cooking, especially the prep work, calms me.  Every day I take on the challenge of creating a dinner that six people will love.  Still working on that one.


The design part is an evolution.  When my husband and I moved into our first house the majority of our furnishings came from family.  Today, we still have most of those pieces but many of them have been updated to suit our style. That is what I love about our home.  I am drawn to vintage furniture.  You can always paint or re-upholster a quality piece with good lines.   My kids try to distract me when they see a tag sale up the road. I’m just not capable of driving by a tag sale.  Flea markets and estate sales are my idea of a good time.  The only constant in the decor in our home is change.  I re-arrange the furniture quite often.  As I said, it’s an evolution. So please join me in continuing to learn about furniture painting, gardening, food, design, family and all things home.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me.  Please feel free to leave comments and feedback so that I can learn from you.