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Evergreen, Pomander and Pineapple Planter

evergreens, pomanders and pineapples

We have a pretty amazing front porch here on Fairmount Terrace.  When weather permits, we’re on it.  It’s got an outdoor sectional, a bed swing, chairs, rockers, side tables and coffee tables.  We’ve been known to throw a porch party or two.  It’s the best “room” in our house.  At Christmastime the porch shines with white lights and is draped in evergreen garland.  However, in the nine years that we have lived here I have never created winter container displays for the porch.  I guess I thought it was complicated, or only for the professionals.  It turns out it’s not complicated at all.  Here’s how I created an evergreen, pomander and pineapple planter.

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Create your pomanders

Um…what is a pomander?  I didn’t know either until I decided to write this post.  I have seen them but never knew the name.  Basically, it’s an orange with cloves stuck into it. They date back to the middle ages when there was a real need to mask odors.  They were the original form of aromatherapy.  The Victorians popularized them in home decor.

To create a pomander simply push cloves into an orange.  Have fun inventing designs.  I made a few while having a cup of tea in the afternoon.  My daughter and I made a few more while watching a Christmas special in the evening.




Gather supplies

For this project you will need a planter, a flower foam brick, skewers, evergreen branches, pomanders and a pineapple.  I made two planters to put on either side of my front door so I doubled the supplies.

For the evergreen branches, just use what you can get your hands on.  I clipped incense ceder from a tree in our back yard,  Any evergreen branches will do.



Assemble the planters

Start by placing the foam brick in the planter and saturating it with water.  You will want to keep the brick saturated to keep the evergreens fresh.


foam brick


Remove the foliage from the lower portion of the evergreen branches and insert them into the foam brick.  Space them evenly all the way around the planter.

evergreen branches


Break the bamboo skewers in half and insert one half of a skewer into each pomander.


skewered pomander


Insert the skewered pomanders into the foam brick all the way around the planter so that they rest on the edge.  Make sure to space them evenly apart.


pomanders in planter


Insert a whole skewer into the pineapple and place it into the top of the foam brick.


skewered pineapple


Fill in any gaps with evergreen and that’s it!


Evergreen, pomander and pineapple planter


This is a pretty simple planter.  Be as creative with it as you like.  Different layers of evergreen can be added as well as different fruits.  I’d love to see yours if you try it!

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